Subject: Me too! *sneaks in*
Posted on: 2010-09-01 00:55:00 UTC

Kyoki sidled through one of the side doors clutching a sleeping bag and wearing a rather bulging backpack while the spambots were distracted elsewhere.

As she set down her stuff, the bulging backpack started hissing in a rather alarming way. Opening the bag, Cat jumped out and painfully demonstrated her dissatisfaction with the indignity of being stuffed in a bag. Wincing, Kyoki walked around as quickly as possible to look for power plugs and get away from Cat until Cat calmed down. Kyoki was rather worried about her Bengal tiger. She wanted to bring him along, but figured that he'd be happier outside the fortress batting around spambots for fun.

After finding some power plugs in the columns, Kyoki pulled out a power strip and set up her laptop, amongst the other electronic things she brought.

Smiling very happily, Kyoki reached into her bag and brought out her much beloved collection of explosives. With her explosives, she wandered off looking for spambots to explode.

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