Subject: doctorlit had waited too long...
Posted on: 2010-09-01 00:55:00 UTC

to leave the Board, trying to communicate with the bots in troll. Unfortunately for him, this new group didn't seem to know the language, and no amount of "teksoqp's" would quiet their incessant demands for "ypur pics."

As the spambots began to grow hostile, doctorlit weaved between bots and the now rapidly-spawning ypurs, trying to reach his own little corner of the Board. he unceremoniously shoved books off the shelves into a Convenient Wheelbarrow and hauled it towards the exit as quickly as the heavy load and his skinny legs would allow.

"E-mail ypur pics," monotoned a spambot, dead ahead, a blue yak materializing to its side. Frowning, doctorlit kept going straight forward, intent on ramming the bot out of the way. Bot and wheelbarrow met, knocking down the former and putting a flat wheel in the latter. Doctorlit's face smashed into his books as a cold hand around his ankle arrested his forward motion, bringing the wheelbarrow to a halt. "YYooouuurr ppiiiccss," mumbled the damaged spambot, oddly reverting to correct spelling.

Jamming his hand into the pile of books, doctorlit fished out a nice solid hardcover, acquired used from a sale at a library, and gave the spambot's face a solid wallop with the back cover. His ankle freed, doctorlit shoved the lopsided wheelbarrow out the exit and in the direction of the bunker. As the confused lowing of ypurs began to fill the air, he thought to himself, Great. Now, I need to get shards of spam-metal out of this book.

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