Subject: Galenfea hurried to get her backpack;
Posted on: 2010-09-17 00:14:00 UTC

that would be easier to carry than the box alone, and she had a feeling she'd need to keep her hands free. Then she and SttQ went over to the door. Galenfea peered out first, the image of two orcish arrows slamming into the wall near Boromir's head going through her mind's eye in a flash. She couldn't see anything, though.
"Come on," she breathed, slipping out. SttQ closed the door behind her; it looked just like part of the wall from the outside, and Galenfea hoped they'd be able to find it again. Together, they headed off down a small, ominously silent side-street. Several of the houses had broken windows and doors, and Galenfea eyed the dark holes uneasily, aware of how easily bots might be lying in ambush.

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