Subject: Joining as well
Posted on: 2010-08-31 20:07:00 UTC

Hardly anyone noticed when a dazed Boarder staggered into the midst of the refugees. PitViperOfDoom glanced around through bleary eyes, recognizing a relatively new Boarder standing with Cassie Cameron-Young.

"Beats me," the Boarder was saying. "All I know is that there's some kind of invasian going on. Do you know anything more?"

PitViper limped over on a badly sprained ankle. "Trolls in the dungeon," she said, still feeling a bit dizzy after a spambot had crashed into her head. "Thought you ought to know... what?" She nearly fell over, but caught herself and leaned on her cricket bat as thought it was a cane. "Did you know that cricket bats are barely effective against trolls? I just found that out. The hard way." She glanced over, seeing an older Boarder speaking to the refugees. "Looks like someone's taking charge, though."

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