Subject: Oh, for the love of-
Posted on: 2010-09-01 04:02:00 UTC


'Go away, you damn thing!'


'No, I don't want to see any pics, thank you ever so.'


'Listen, honestly, I just want to-'


'Hah! That got you!'

The sounds of metal hitting various surfaces and then finally what sounded like bone echoed briefly from the bunker entrance before Pretzel managed to fight her way in, dual-wielding two of her Frying Pans of DOOM and hitting trolls over the head. Once she'd managed to get in, she looked around, idly brushing some of her hair, which, while normally frizzy, seemed even more out of control thanks to the battle.

'Fu Manchu and his silly beard, that was annoying,' she growled, holstering her Pans and resettling her pack on her back. She'd been in the middle of watching a "Let's Play" of "King's Quest V" when the news had arrived in her inbox, and so she'd gathered up her laptop and a few other assorted items, shoved it into a backpack, and headed towards the bunker.

The trolls and various ypurs had tried to slow her down, but she'd found that indiscriminate whacking with her pans seemed to deter the attacks quite handily. Now that she was in a place of safety, she wasn't quite sure what to do with herself. There seemed to be a fair number of Boarders here already, but Pretzel wasn't sure if she she go over and talk to them or what. Figuring that eventually she'd think of something (if nothing else, maybe to mooch some of that soup off of Miah), Pretzel sat down at the base of a nearby column and began watching her "Let's Play" once more, idly picking the bits of troll off of her clothing.

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