Subject: Possible RP session?
Posted on: 2010-08-31 14:24:00 UTC

Just to pass the time while we're bunkering down here...

I've always thought of the Board as a sort of a small city, or perhaps a neighborhood or district of a larger city. The city is, in this case, the Internet. Or perhaps WebApps is the city, and the Internet is the country. Though since it's the World Wide Web technically the Internet should be the world, but that's mixing metaphors so badly that I'm not even going to go there. At least, not further than I have already gone.

In any case, here's the scenario - the city that is the Board is under attack. Secretly, the Boarders are being evacuated to here. Now, the question is, what would happen? Who would help the others find their way in the new city, who would merely wait to be helped, who would go ax-crazy on the other Boarders at the mere mention of relocation, and who would randomly start painting everything purple and begin quacking like a duck? I don't know, but I'd like to find out.

Rules of engagement: You're still a Boarder. Not one of your Agents, a Boarder. This may sound...control-freakish, but if we were Agents then that would make this an Emergency, and that's been banned under no uncertain terms. You use your and other people's Board usernames, and you act naturally for the situation.

Other than that, it's just a basic RP with the above them of relocation into a new city. This may be the greatest idea ever, this may be a terrible idea, this may be ignored due to the masses of people saying OMG WHERE ARE WE above it. Lets just see. I'll start, if nobody minds.

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