Subject: Gettin' up now.
Posted on: 2010-08-31 22:38:00 UTC

Still holding the ice pack to her head, PitViper tossed the now-warm thermos back to SttQ and carefully got to her feet. Dizzyness made her sway, but she leaned on her bat again and adjusted her backpack straps on her shoulder.

She'd taken a first aid course a couple of years before, and her instructor had pounded into her head that having a first aid kit was a necessity. One of these days, when all this crap was over with, she'd have to put some ice packs in it.

"I got some bandages in my pack," she said, half to herself. "Rubber gloves, gauze, antibacterial wipes, and the like. I hope I have some fresh face barriers, might need those."

She could check through it again when she found a place to situate herself. With that in mind, she limped farther away from the chalk-marked road and slung her pack down. Quickly, and with one hand, she pulled out a sleeping pad and a couple of blankets, tossed them down, and spread them out as much as they could. Then, digging deeper in her pack, she pulled out a blue fanny pack. Her head was feeling better as she took this and headed toward the first aid area.

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