Subject: Hope this is OK
Posted on: 2010-08-31 16:59:00 UTC

Galenfea had mostly been trying to lay low during the troll attacks, avoiding getting involved and trying to concentrate on other things, but when she heard Edward's announcement of the evacuation she hurriedly packed up her laptop, all the Tolkien books she could carry and a few other personal items (including, reluctantly, her homework) and followed his directions to the bunker.

When she arrived, she stopped almost in the doorway to look around. There were a few people here already, setting up camp with the assurance of practice. Evidently they were experienced boarders and had been through an evacuation before. Galenfea stepped out of the way of someone coming in behind her and wove among the columns, looking for somewhere to settle down. Perhaps when she'd staked out a corner to call her own, she might go and talk to some of the others and find out what she might do to be useful, a true member of this community. She knew a few boarders had been injured - Edward had taken a blow to the side, for one - and maybe her first aid training would be of help. Somewhere like this must have a first aid kit, and at the moment she wasn't sure what else she could do.

She set down her backpack in an unoccupied niche and tossed her jacket over it, then began trying to find her way towards the sound of voices.

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