Subject: Elemarth got up...
Posted on: 2010-09-01 01:15:00 UTC

and looked around at the chaos. She realized that she had left everything back at the Board -- even her laptop, which to her was an absolute disaster. She had no idea when she'd be back, and what if one of the bots damaged it? That would be...

Well, this was not the time to be worrying about her laptop or any of her belongings, she decided. Some people were injured, some were working on something to do with chalk, and some were setting up camp, so she had to do something.

She walked up to the nearest boarder who didn't appear entirely absorbed in something else. "Um, excuse me? I, um, I'm new -- kind of -- well, I wasn't here a year ago, anyway -- and I didn't bring anything with me, but, um, can I help with anything? Anything?"

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