Subject: Let's see how long this takes before I get myself killed...
Posted on: 2010-08-31 22:32:00 UTC

Data had been preparing for this moment for years now. Training himself to deal with... Wait, no, that's zombies, not spambots. This probably explains why he had gotten cornered by one outside the Message Board without any belongings beyond his trusty hat, a knife, and the clothes on his back.
"Ypur pics!"
"Get any closer, and I'll cutcha! Bugger it all, I'm not dying here. I refuse to be killed before I'm old enough to drink!" Data exclaimed, charging the spambot. Not exactly his brightest idea, but it seemed that luck was on his side, and a knife in the torso was enough to distract the spambot long enough for Data to flee. He was unfortunately forced to leave the knife behind, unless he wanted to risk being his by the spambot's flailing limbs.
"Dammit. That was a great knife. I'll have to come back for it after this is all over," he muttered as he ducked into the quickly-filling Message Board.

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