Subject: Galenfea sighed in relief.
Posted on: 2010-10-02 22:24:00 UTC

"All right," she said. "I live down a side street from Beech, so that's not far out of our way anyway. I'm definitely prepared to climb over and under some fences to avoid having to go past the cemetary during a zombie attack."
She peered nervously around another corner before darting across an alleyway. The sun was beginning to get low in the sky and the alleyways and narrower side-streets now looked almost as threatening as the empty doors and windows of the houses. Still, it was probably best to keep to the sides of the road - less chance of being seen themseves, and potential hiding places for zombies and bots were also potential hiding places for her and SttQ.
As they reached the end of the street, though, she paused at the sound of a metallic scraping from around the corner on the right.

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