Subject: Galenfea squinted.
Posted on: 2010-10-15 00:31:00 UTC

The dim light might have been playing tricks with her eyes, but she thought that the dark space where the door was ajar did widen a little. On the other hand, when she looked at another shadow for comparison she thought the same - maybe it really was just the light?
She looked harder, leaning forwards a little.
"I'm not sure," she said quietly, but looked around for a weapon, just in case, and started to edge past the shop towards the sidestreet on the left. Weapon... weapon... even a stout stick would do. Surely zombies would go down the same as anything else if beaten about the head, and even bots must have some breakable electronics.
They were even with the door now, and Galenfea shot it a nervous look. Maybe it was just the dark playing tricks with her, but the opening did look a little bigger.
At that moment she also heard the squeak of a badly-oiled hinge from the other side of the street and froze, hissing a swear word through her teeth.
"What now?" she whispered, still staring at the soup shop. "Hide? Run? Panama?"

((PS: 'Panama' is a Clive Cussler reference, in case you're curious. :P))

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