Subject: Galenfea sat down beside PitViper
Posted on: 2010-09-01 04:16:00 UTC

"Glad to hear that," she said, and absently began to sort through her kit again. She swore as she discovered that two of the ice packs had already been used. "Who does that?" she muttered. "Who uses an ice pack and then puts it back?"
PitViper was also going through her kit. She seemed to be much better organised than Galenfea, who once more determined that when they got out of here she was going to put a survival pack together.
"Some of the people coming are in real bad shape," the Boarder remarked. "I hope the Ypurs bring enough supplies. It's a good thing I took that six-hour Red Cross course after all."
Galenfea looked up and bit her lip. "Indeed. As it stands, I don't think we've got nearly enough gear to treat half of them."
Mentally, she added, 'Although if anyone needs a bandage that I think was actually designed for horses, they're set' and set the offending item to the side.
"So the Ypurs are on our side?" she asked, since her new acquaintance seemed much more experienced than she. "It sounds like one of the words the early trolls were using."

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