Subject: Excellent!
Posted on: 2010-09-01 02:21:00 UTC

Kyoki grabbed Elemarth and dragged her to Kyoki's pile of stuff. "Exploding things are the easy part. I need people to help me stick up cameras. I've already connected a bunch of webcams with improbably large power sources to my computer, so all we have to do is stick them in useful places."

Rummaging around the pile, Kyoki produces two empty bags and rapidly fills one with webcams and the other with various forms of explosives.

"Stick the cameras to the walls in places where they can see the spambots and the spambots won't be able to mess with them. The explosives are color coded, red means 5 second fuses, yellow means proximity triggered. Don't mix up explosives and cameras, nobody will be happy with the results - least of all you. And here's a 10 foot steel pole, use it to stick things up and whack spambots when they get too close. One more thing, do you have a sonic screwdriver?"

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