Subject: SttQ left the alley after Galenfea
Posted on: 2010-09-29 19:22:00 UTC

and fell into step with her. As she talked, she occasionally shot a glance over her shoulder.

"There is a fairly easy way to get there, but it'll take a bit longer. If we turn right at the end of this street, then left at Simon's Soup Shop, it's about a quarter of a mile to the videogame store. There, we turn into Beech Avenue (you know, the one with all the oak trees), and after half a mile, we'll reach the zoo. If we go into the alley that runs next to and behind the zoo, we'll be able to enter Mr. Macy's back garden by breaking away some boards; they're practically rotten, so that shouldn't be a problem. Then, we traverse a few back gardens (don't worry, the walls separating them are fairly low) till we reach mine. And yes, I did remember to bring my keys. This way, we won't even have to see the cemetery."

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