Subject: Stumbling through the door
Posted on: 2010-09-02 03:34:00 UTC

With one last clunk, Kyoki set down the ladder on a nearby wall. Quickly sticking a camera to a nice tall vantage point, she jogs over to Niely to check out what was the cause of the exclamation.

Growling at the sight of the spambot army, she started preparing the explosives she planned to use. "Niely, when the spambots get in range I'm gonna toss a few EMP bombs to slow them down. Get ready to use what ever you want." With that said, Kyoki powered up the EMP bombs - which began emitting a soft whirring noise.

As the spambots marched closer, the whirring noises from the bombs changed to an irritatingly loud whine. "3...2...1! Fire in the hole!" shouted Kyoki as she threw the bombs into the midst of the spambot army.

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