Subject: You will NOT believe where I disappeared to...
Posted on: 2010-09-01 05:16:00 UTC

I was evacuated in Real Life, so to speak. I could not make this up. Freakishly, my little story about Elemarth's reaction to the evac could have been a version of what just happened.

I wasn't in the least surprised that a fire alarm interrupted my homework/RPGing; we'd known that we'd have a fire drill about this time sometime this week, and a couple of my roommates were actually waiting to get it over with before they dared to have their showers. So, like I did at the board but for good reason, I plugged my ears against the alarm and didn't take it very seriously at first (though I did leave).

Then, as we passed the staircase, we heard people shouting to hurry up. The air from upstairs was SMOKY. Need I say that I freaked out? Just like my boarder self, I had brought nothing with me, and my life is in that room, specifically on my laptop. I think I'd die if I lost my laptop. But I couldn't go back to get it.

We camped out in the complex common room. Like my boarder self, I had nothing (except a fully charged i-pod), but unfortunately, there were no bots to blow up. :-( And I would have liked to get back at whoever's bad cooking was responsible for wasting two and a half hours of my time. We had to wait for the smoke and fire extinguisher chemicals to get out. I didn't hear of any serious damage.

Truth is stranger than fiction. I could almost not believe the coincidence. (I only did believe it because I've had a bigger fire alarm coincidence, which I have been thinking about lately, but that's a story for another day ;) I should be back to the RPG sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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