Subject: My first RP, yay!
Posted on: 2010-08-31 18:29:00 UTC

Cautiously, a pale, scared-looking redhead inched open the bunker doors, and squeezed through, making as little noise as possible. Slowly closing the doors behind her, Sister-to-the-Queen
(or SttQ, as she prefered to be called) slumped against them, weak with relief. She'd made it.

The Spambots had been only half a mile from her house when she'd checked her e-mail and seen Edward's message. After a horrified glance through her window, she'd tossed a bunch of random items into her biggest tote bag and fled out the back door. Sneaking through the city's network of dark, interconnected alleyways, she'd been able to reach the bunker without being spotted by the bots.

She looked around, searching for any familiar faces. She spotted Cassie, who had apparently just arrived as well, and walked over to her.

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