Subject: Sammy nodded. "Yeah..."
Posted on: 2018-11-22 00:30:49 UTC

"...that was Wing. And that sounds like Zechs, all right. The whole Lust Object thing with him is kinda weird considering there's already a canonical love interest of sorts for him..."

"Since when has that stopped the...shipping?" Leonidas interjected, the word shipping sounding out of place from a massive super-soldier currently dressed as a rather imposing Zeon admiral.

"Good point," Sammy sighed. "Anyhow, yeah. Wing is awesome. It's where I started, and even though I've watched a lot of others since then, it's still my favorite and I keep coming back to it. If you ever wanna meet up and binge-watch it, let me know. That goes for all of you lot," he added, including the dragon/knight couple as well as the boys in his invitation. "Or binge-watch anything, really. With some exceptions." He coughed twice suddenly, and it sounded strangely as if the word "Twilight" was sandwiched between the two coughs.

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