Subject: "Hi!" "Greetings."
Posted on: 2018-11-01 16:49:37 UTC

Sammy waved at the two boys, almost his age but not quite. "I'm Sammy, Gunpla builder and battler, although right now I'm doing neither. Your Scout outfits look great." With a wink, he put a fist over his chest in the iconic salute of the Scouts.

"If you're Scouts, shouldn't you be wearing carapace armor?" Leonidas interjected. "And are those jump packs of some kind? Those aren't issued until a Scout progresses to the Assault Squads of the 8th Company..."

Sammy rolled his eyes, but seemed unperturbed by his partner's critique of the newcomers. "Wrong canon, mate."

"That explains much. And as I forgot to introduce myself, I am Master Leonidas of the Dark Angels Chapter."

(I really need to read those stories. I've only really read the Original Series, and new missions as they come out. :P Naturally, Leonidas hasn't seen Attack on Titan since it'd be funny to have him mistake the meaning of the term Scout to refer to a newly recruited Space Marine...)

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