Subject: The two boys stared.
Posted on: 2018-10-31 00:37:46 UTC

Ian—despite nodding a quick affirmative to Tom—was clearly ready to bolt, but Henry was entering a phase of more self-confidence than sense. He only wished he could do proper magic already; then he'd show anybody who thought they could hurt his friends. For now, though, he was still only nine, and he could only make things happen by accident sometimes, if he were really mad or scared. He wasn't quite either one yet.

"How do you know my mom?" he said.

"Your mom knows everyone," Ian whispered.

"No, not everyone," Henry shot back, a trifle embarrassed. It did feel that way sometimes. "Anyway, most of 'em are confidential." He turned back to Thoth. "Are you one of the confidential ones?"

(( I think I'm gonna introduce Derik and Gall in another post just to see what happens [if anything], but I'll bring 'em around here sooner or later. Sooner if somebody needs rescuing. ∗g∗ ))

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