Subject: "... Yeah, I get that."
Posted on: 2018-11-03 04:43:11 UTC

For a moment, Gall lapsed into complete seriousness. "That would suck."

"And space is certainly an issue," Derik added. "The paperwork to request a move is insane, and Building Maintenance won't give me permission to knock down a wall..."

"So Plan C is to find an empty RC—one of the big ones—and just tack our number to it." Gall, who was a Viking, after all, grinned. "My girl Gremlin can even fix the console, so no one will know the difference. Oh, and speaking of Bad Slash hookups: if you really wanna do the whole nine-months thing, there's always one or two little bean sprouts that've been debugged and could use a surrogate. They've got the tanks, but..." Gall made a face that eloquently expressed her disgust with the idea. "It'd be a lot more like it was your own that way, right?"

(( I just recently had this thought about the problem of the usual tiny RC. I don't wanna change numbers, so this is my solution. ˆ_ˆ ))

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