Subject: ((Close enough. :P))
Posted on: 2018-11-06 23:16:54 UTC

((It's Saibhir. And it's pronounced "sev-here". Irish, man. :P))

Ix glanced up, feeling very small. She wasn't short by any stretch, but next to Derik and especially Thoth, she was tiny. "No, I'm... it's just..." She glanced around, hunching her shoulders. "Parties," she muttered. "Not really a fan, but Lottie wanted to go together."

"I don't know much," Charlotte corrected. "I'm now very intimately acquainted with cottage pie, lasagne, pork tenderloin, and..." She shuddered. "Calamari." She reached over and grabbed a rib, inspecting it. "So, do I just eat the meat off the bone, then?"

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