Subject: "Robinson..."
Posted on: 2018-10-30 14:46:54 UTC

"You would be kin of Jennifer Robinson, then?" Thoth didn't wait for an answer. "From your aura, I presume I was correct—although no doubt you will tell me in a moment. Give her my regards. I have not seen her in one year. And if you are concerned I think you may assault me, have no fear. If I truly believed you desired such a thing, I would have cut you down where you stand"

Tom banged Thoth's arm. "Hey, no freaking out the kids with death threats! Or for that matter, your magic mood-ring powers. But now that's clearly a secondary concern..." He sighed, and nodded to the kids. "He's harmless, really..."

"I am a deadly warrior, bred for battle, who has spent millennia in the most hostile realm known to life."

"Firstly you've never been to Catachan, secondly, you are not helping." At this point, Tom tried to inject some levity into the situation. "Horowitz, eh? Like the author?"

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