Subject: Dilx smiled, then picked up the miniature Romana.
Posted on: 2018-10-31 23:51:32 UTC

"Well, then, I guess that just means all of Gallifrey is important," he said.

Animus raised an eyebrow at the Aviator, wondering if she was taking his partner a bit more seriously than she should. He then wondered if he'd perhaps misheard about the additional strength of Gallifreyans, or if she was holding back with her partner. "So I had presumed," he murmured.

Dilx glanced at Animus - he knew these two? - before looking at Zeb. "You're a Pokémon?" he asked. "I thought you were just dressed up as a character who's a lion. But if not..." He thought for a moment, then guessed, "Pyroar?"

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