Subject: Derik was in fact specifically missing the lack of proper dancing,
Posted on: 2018-11-10 23:41:43 UTC

not to mention proper music to go with it. He was glad he hadn't said so.

At Thoth's question, he smiled grimly. "You don't want to get me started on that. Not right now, anyway. We'd be here all night, and no one else has the transhuman patience necessary to listen to me rattle on for that long. Why don't we return to an earlier topic? Ix, you're Westley from The Princess Bride, aren't you? I don't think we've made Thoth watch that one yet, but it's up there with the Pythons in the echelons of required canon, or so I was led to believe. Would you like to tell us about the character?" He made the question as gently inviting as possible.

Gall's grin stretched wide. This could be fun. "Hmm... if you liked that... looks like there's some hot wings over here. Wanna test out your spice tolerance?"

(( For the record, I spent a lot of time between posts coming up with screeds on the topic of so-called "popular" "dance" music, so this is not me avoiding the topic. This is Derik remembering how to conduct a polite conversation as he would have been required to do as a Harper and a Wingleader. ˆ_~ ))

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