Subject: Henry remained skeptical through Thoth's explanation of himself.
Posted on: 2018-10-30 14:03:49 UTC

At Tom's question, he grinned. "I'm Eren Jaeger!"

Ian cut in before he could get further: "No, I wanna be Eren! You always get to be Eren!"

Henry sighed. "Okay, fine, you can be Eren. I'll be... Captain Levi! Yeah." Levi was cool, and frankly, he looked the part more anyway.

Ian nodded. "Yeah, okay." To Tom, he explained: "Eren and Levi are Scout Division. They fight Titans. Titans are like giant naked dudes who eat people, and you have to cut the nape of the neck to kill them." He glanced nervously at Thoth and murmured, "But, we weren't really gonna..."

"Actually, I'm Henry," said he, jumping into the gap. "Henry Robinson. This is my friend Ian Horowitz."

Ian gave a little wave.

Henry turned back to Thoth. "I know we're not supposed to use the disguise generators for Halloween and all, but you're like, bigger even than Fandarel! I think a dragon would have trouble carrying you, unless it was a bronze or maybe a brown, and even then he'd get tired faster."

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