Subject: "Gundam Build Fighters!"
Posted on: 2018-11-11 23:27:06 UTC

"And Ireland in-universe. It's a somewhat obscure canon--not a proper Gundam series really, it's more like Digimon or Beyblade but with models of mobile suits," Sammy said enthusiastically. "Yeah, it was pretty quiet in my home too. Not much in the way of kings or warriors--just a big world to explore and good friends to play and battle by your side," he finished wistfully. He fumbled with a hard leather pouch at his side and pulled out a figure of some kind of war machine, the model about six or so inches tall and painted green and gold, wielding a flail. "One hundred and forty fourth the size of the real thing," he said. "Made it myself," he added proudly. "Gotta see if there's a Gunpla Battle system in HQ. Haven't looked into it much yet."

"I'm from Warhammer 40,000," Leonidas rumbled when Sammy was finished. "I was Master of the Fifth Company of the Dark Angels Chapter of Space Marines when I...left. I'd been on active duty for several centuries all told. I lived on a feudal world before that as a child; I proved worthy of recruitment by taking on a full Astartes in single combat."

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