Subject: "Thoth!"
Posted on: 2018-11-06 16:20:51 UTC

Derik didn't try to hide his relief at his brother's arrival. He could have hugged the other man, but settled for extending his hand to clasp his wrist (which involved half Derik's arm being gripped in return).

"Yes," he answered the question addressed to him, "both in fine fettle. Gratingly so." He wondered if Thoth got the bad joke that was their costumes. Likely not, which was one more reason Derik was pleased to see him.

He meant to turn back to Ix, but he'd been studying Thoth's costume and realized what it was. There was a moment while his response hung in the balance. A year ago, he might have taken it as a jab, more salt in his wounds, a thoroughly unexpected betrayal. But now, from Thoth, such a thing was quite impossible.

The scales tipped. He laughed softly. "Well now, brother. I have to applaud your attention to detail. What did you use? Not actual wherhide...?"

Gall snorted. "Thought you said you didn't know anything. I'm not saying you're wrong," she went on. "Hell, I might like it tomorrow. Right now, though, it's all about these things." She'd made a bee-line for what had turned out to be fried Kool-Aid in various flavors. "Also, that's hilarious." She pointed out a tin of ribs and cocktail wieners arranged to look like an open human torso with a cheekily grinning skull set at the top. It had already been picked at, so it looked particularly desiccated.

(( "They gripped wrists in the manner of warriors" and variations on the same —approximately every other page in some HH books, to the point it's an innuendo-licious in-joke. You're welcome. ˆ_~ [Unless you're Agent Ix, in which case I'm sorry, the rampant unstoppable ship-fuel is being very rude.]

(( The ribs tray was not my idea. A friend of mine took a picture of one at an office party. Similar to this one. ))

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