Subject: Henry made a face at the word "bless."
Posted on: 2018-10-31 14:48:36 UTC

His mom was, well, his mom, but she was so weird sometimes. "Okay, well... she's not coming tonight. My little brother's sick, so she's at home with him. But I guess she'd want to say hi, too."

Ian tugged at his green cape. "Can we go now? I wanna get snacks."

"Just one more question," Henry said. "If you're a dragonrider, you have to contract your name. How are you going to contract 'Thoth'? That's—" he chuckled "—that's like a dragon name both ways around."

(( Assuming a soft th on both ends, anyway... I did see the thing where the first one is supposed to be a hard t, though, in which case Henry's comment may be read without the last three words. {= )

(( And yes, Henry has a little brother, who would be about two at this time. Jenni will/did adopt the kid from "Subjugation." But That's Another Story. ))

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