Subject: "Yeah, we were!"
Posted on: 2018-11-01 00:18:10 UTC

Gall squinted at the pair. "Do we know you?" The one in the mask was no help, and the blonde was...

A blonde? And a mask? The penny dropped. "Waaaiiit, are you the ones who got Derik to make a total ass of himself last year?" She grinned as she said it. "Because if you were, don't get me wrong, that was hilarious apart from the sulking."

Derik, who'd been steadily making his way along the table, glanced up when the sound of his name caught his ear over the background noise of the room. He did not like the looks he was getting at all. He sidled further down the line of food.

(( Derik may not remember, but Gall does at least while it's in continuity. I realized this is probably Charlotte post-morph, though, right? ))

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