Subject: The boys returned Sammy's salute and gave their names.
Posted on: 2018-11-01 19:33:28 UTC

It took them a moment to rebound from Ferrux's boggling stream of talk.

"Um, the Scout Regiment is from Attack on Titan," Ian said, once more taking up the job of explaining things. "They go outside the city walls, they can almost fly with their omni-directional mobility gear" —he patted his replica, which was primarily made of cardboard— "and they fight Titans." He cut the explanation off there, just in case, unaware of the potentially hilarious ambiguity of the term.

Henry grinned at Ferrux. "Did you say you're a dragon? You should go talk to Thoth. He's being a dragonrider." Switching gears, he turned to address the new Space Marine. "Is Leonidas your real name, or is that your costume? You don't look like the real Leonidas. Or even the bad one."

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