Subject: "I'm Bobbin Threadbare," Tom said. "Have you seen my mother?"
Posted on: 2018-10-30 12:56:56 UTC

"He isn't," responded Thoth. "And I have no idea where his mother is. However, I am indeed rather tall for a dragonrider. I was tempted to use the Disguise Generator to correct this, but my partner here informed me this would break etiquette. I did not believe that risking my limited abilities in biomancy on such a feat was worthwhile."

"...But excuse my partner," Tom interjected. "He's being terribly rude! I'm actually Tom, and this here's Thoth. Who're you two?"

((...And yeah, you were dead-on.

Loom is another great game. Extremely charming. I sorta want to make an agent from the setting someday, just because it's so... well, fun. And pretty-looking. Make sure to obtain a copy of the original EGA version from a pirate site or something, though. The game's author, Brian Moriarty (yes, that's his real name) and many fans are of the opinion that the shinier VGA graphics and voiceacting in the version presently available for sale from reputable sources... doesn't really work. I would agree.

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