Subject: "Confidential?"
Posted on: 2018-10-31 03:19:28 UTC

Tom laughed. "Yeah... like we could keep this guy under wraps. 'e's huge! Just tell him the story, Thoth."

"I met your mother a year ago," said Thoth. "Exactly one year ago, in fact. At a party much like this one. Derik was... inebriated. Such things seem to attract her attention. Later, I provided my assistance in heeling an injury."

"...You forgot the part where you were also somewhat drunk, and called Derik "brother" for about half the evening." Tom said. "Didn't she bless us, too? Or you, at least... I have no idea how you keep charming important people."

Thoth shot him a glare. Tom ignored it, as usual.

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