Subject: "Thanks!"
Posted on: 2018-11-01 04:13:52 UTC

At best, Gall was too pleased with herself to realize she was probably making everyone in earshot uncomfortable. At worst, she didn't care. "They tell me it's a boy. Still can't believe you can actually know that already." She shook her head, then leaned in with a confidential air. "Hey, what do you think for a name: 'Dogbreath' or 'Burrfoot'? I had the first one in mind for a boy or a girl, but the second one is a family name, so...?"

Derik was in the middle of dishing up some of what he was pretty sure were sweet potatoes swirled with black food coloring and nearly lost a spoonful when he jumped—he was too focused, and Ix had come up quietly on his right. "Ah, shards, sorry," he muttered back, replacing the spoon and stepping out of the way. He looked toward Gall, confirming that this was one of the people she'd been talking to. With his free hand, he rubbed the spot between his eyebrows. "I know that look on her face. Whatever she's been saying, it was wrong and I apologize."

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