Subject: "I fail to see how I was convinced to do this again."
Posted on: 2018-10-28 13:13:00 UTC

...said Thoth, adjusting his costume.

Tom shrugged, his grey cloak obscuring his face. "Hey, you can probably blame Derik somehow. I certainly would. Just avoid offering anyone Mjød this time. The residual smell of the vomit hung around for quite some time."

"Very well." said Thoth. "I do not wish to see this costume ruined in any case. It took significant effort to get it in the proper size." The fur-lined jacket he was wearing looked it: while it was cleanly stitched enough, it appeared just a bit ad-hoc. There were more seam lines than might be expected, as was required to fit a Astartes' frame.

"Hey, I had to put in some effort too!" Tom waved the implement in his hand, so as to draw attention to it. "I had to find a distaff! I didn't even know what a distaff was when I started doing this!"

"And I had to research anything about this uniform that the novels did not reference."

Tom squinted at Thoth. "And what possessed you to want to go as a Dragonrider anyways?"

"It's what I've been reading of late. Care for some Klah?" The tone of that response made it clear Thoth wasn't getting any more information.


In another corner of the party, two men were engaged in an argument.

"I don't look like him!"

"You absolutely do."

"I don't at all! The build's off, I tell you, not to mention the hair!"

"Then why'd you go as him?"

"Because everyone says I look like him!"

Ialthos grinned. "You're not getting out of this one that easy, dragon."

Ferrux, laughed, his eyes twinking. "Oh, really, then? Well then I guess I can do... this!" He planted a large hand atop Ialthos' head, rubbing it back and forth through his hair.

"Aaaugh! Stop that!" cried the knight. But he was smiling as he said it. "I'm too tall, and not even in the right costume for that to make sense!"

"We could have gone as a pair, you know..."

"Please. You can pull of Iskandar easy, but if you think I could do Il-Melloi II, you're out of your mind."

"And what is your costume, anyways?" asked Ferrux (who, despite what he might claim, could put on a decent show as The King of Conquerers if you didn't look too closely).

Ialthos puffed out his chest in mock pride, pulling his mottled green cloak close around himself. "I," he said, "am the formidable Ranger, Halt."

"...Huh. Why that?"

"You know how everyone says you look like Iskandar?"


"Everyone says I'm a discount Ranger."

((Yes, I've brought in two groups this year. Meet Tom and Thoth, once again, and for those of you who haven't yet, meet Ferrux the Dragon (presently in human form) and Sir Ialthos! I trust you'll find them pleasant enough.))

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