Subject: Ferrux and Ialthos looked at each other
Posted on: 2018-11-08 01:03:35 UTC

...And burst out laughing. "Now that," said Ialthos, "is a king I wouldn't mind following into battle!"

"Hey, our king was just fine!" chimed in Ferrux.

"...He almost tried to have you killed."

"It was a misunderstanding! Water under the bridge! And didn't you work for the guy?"

"Well... technically the Knights' Order is an independant organization with only historical ties to—" Ialthos trailed off when Ferrux's eyes started to noticeably glaze over. "Okay, yes, I did work for him. He was... decent. But this Leonidas guy sounds pretty great!"

"You're tellin' me!" cried Ferrux. "I'd love to meet him. Wish I got more comparisons to him. No idea what this Iskandar guy was like, but I doubt he was that cool."

((Sidenote: in the Fate universe, he is totally that cool. ^_^))

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