Subject: Henry took a deep breath.
Posted on: 2018-11-08 00:13:57 UTC

"Well," he began with great authority, "Leonidas was the King of Sparta in ancient Greece, and he was the one who led the three hundred Spartan hoplites and their allies in the battle at Thermopylae. He was a great warrior and a great leader. He wouldn't ask his men to do anything he wouldn't do himself. My friend Suicide—he's really my mom's friend, but he's mine, too—he told me the soldiers used to tell this joke: What's the difference between the Spartan king and a mid-ranker?" He paused for suspense and grinned the grin of a boy about to say something he knew full well he shouldn't. "We sleep in this shithole over here. The king sleeps in that shithole over there."

Both boys laughed at the illicit language.

(( Sorry for the long silence! Thoth and I were both confused about whose turn it was.

(( In other news, I am now rereading Gates of Fire, because why not? ))

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