Subject: "Well met to both of you." "Hi there!"
Posted on: 2018-10-30 00:14:47 UTC

Leonidas nodded solemnly to the newly introduced pair. "Leonidas of the Dark Angels, currently in the garb of one Admiral Dozle Zabi of the Principality of Zeon." "Your disguise is well made, Ferrux. I would not have suspected you to be a dragon," he rumbled. Sammy facepalmed at this. "And...Greek? Did you mean Grecian? I was once told my name was taken from a Grecian hero of the ancient days." As Ialthos spoke the words 'Knight-Errant', the Space Marine's brow furrowed in slight confusion. He doesn't appear to be a Knight Titan. He shrugged again. "I was, long ago, a knight of sorts myself. In a way, I never stopped being one."

Seeing that his partner was unsure what to say beyond that, Sammy cleared his throat. "I'm Sammy. Sammy McLeod, home canon is Gundam Build Fighters. Right now I'm dressed as Quatre Raberba Winner from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing--a similar canon that existed as an anime series in my setting." He grinned. "I like to think that I pass for Quatre pretty well other than my eyes being the wrong color. Also...Ialthos, are you dressed as a knight or are you actually a knight? Because I don't think you said what your costume is."

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