Subject: Ix had jumped back at his lunge.
Posted on: 2018-11-14 00:31:11 UTC

When she realized he was just playing, she relaxed, looking rather embarrassed at her startling. "I didn't know that, actually," she said quietly. "I'm not really much of one for singing—"

Charlotte looked up from her fried chilli peppers, slammed the nibbled end of one down onto her plate, and marched back to the group, not looking to see if Gall was following. "Did I just hear you say you can't sing?"

Ix's eyes went wide. "Um. I mean, I—I can't—"

"The first exorcism she ever did, she sang the wraith out of Elsa!" Charlotte said proudly, turning to the others. "You should have seen her, she was amazing."

((He sure sounds cool!))

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