Subject: ((Didn't want to rush in with a tag, but it's been a day, so here we go.))
Posted on: 2018-11-08 23:44:32 UTC

Ix cocked her head, listening. "Okay, yeah, this song is pretty bad," she admitted. "At least there's no dancing. Might as well have two left feet," she added, grimacing. She was beginning to sweat under her mask; why hadn't she realized how stiflingly hot it would be? She shivered, steeled her nerves, and pulled it off, using it to wipe her face. "It's really warm in here."

Charlotte grinned and began nibbling on the ribs, her eyes fluttering shut in appreciation. "Oh, man, this is good." She paused, grinning, eyes still closed. "Bone-afide. That's pretty hilarious."