Subject: It didn't take long for someone to bump into them.
Posted on: 2018-10-29 23:57:13 UTC

"See?" said Ferrux, jumping back out of the way of the pair. "Now if I had that guy's build, I really might look like Iskandar!"

"Indeed you would," noted Ialthos. "...And while I've only had minor diplomatic experience, I'm pretty sure you never say that sort of thing to anyone you've just met. Ever."

"...Oh. Ah... right." Ferrux looked briefly abashed, but it didn't stick; he'd never been abashed for longer than 0.5 seconds in his life. "Anyways, Hallo the to the both of you! I'm Ferrux, fearsome dragon currently pretending to be Japan's vision of a Greek hero. Whatever "Japan" and "Greek" are..."

"They're countries in World One, you goof," Ialthos noted. "Anycase, I'm Ialthos, Knight-errant-or-something-like-that-I-guess and resident voice of reason! Who're you?"