Subject: Owen bit his lip slightly as he realised what they were talking about.
Posted on: 2019-11-02 05:46:29 UTC

Touching his painted-on scars rather self-consciously, he glanced at Stephanie for reassurance. She smiled slightly as the older Agents talked, giving him a faint nod.

When the rather uncertain one took off her mask, Owen couldn't quite hide his startlement at how bad the scarring was, but he nodded approvingly anyway. "Looks like you had a pretty bad time," he said. "But my dad always says marks like that just prove you survived, and that makes you tougher than whatever did it."

"And he'd know better than a lot of people," Stephanie agreed with a little smile, leaning in as though to confide in the newcomers. "His dad's got some pretty noticeable marks too, when he's not trying to keep them covered." She nodded towards Luke, who still wore the same ragged black scarf covering his left eye that he'd worn for over fifteen years.

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