Subject: The door creaked open...
Posted on: 2019-10-19 15:40:08 UTC

...and a handful of Agents came in.

The first ones in were a trio of small kids. Emily and Anthony Homewood, a fair-haired human boy and girl about nine years old, were clearly twins and dressed as Luke and Leia Skywalker. They were holding the hands of a younger girl, who on first glance seemed to be about three or four years old. Fiona Talathion had glossy black hair, pale skin and slightly upswept ears, and was wearing a school uniform, complete with a satchel slung over her shoulders.

Just behind them came their parents. Nat Freidar wasn't keen on dressing up, so she'd come as an ordinary World One human, but her long-term boyfriend Zach Homewood had decided to stick with the family theme and sported a reasonable Obi-Wan Kenobi ensemble. Cassie Young had gone for an adult Queen Lucy the Valiant look, while her husband, Kelvin Talathion - in his usual hunting leathers - had claimed that people used his usual outfits as a costume anyway, so he technically was dressed up.

Trailing after them in a little group were a pair of teenagers and three adults. Stephanie Fielding, her long brown hair braided carefully, was doing a good impression of Katniss Everdeen, occasionally adjusting a silvery bow and quiver of arrows over her shoulder. Her best friend Owen Hayles, a bulky fourteen-year-old who seemed to be hitting a growth spurt, had painted a few scars across his face and used his red hair to his advantage to show up as Bill Weasley. They were deep in conversation and completely ignoring the adults, who were used to this by now.

Cara Fielding had gone for a complete change from her usual look and strongly resembled Magrat Garlick, down to the messy flower crown, while William Marshall resigned himself to a "movieverse" Auror outfit. They were both quite happy to chat to Owen's father, Luke Celinus, who was in his usual fallback costume of "pirate".

"They've really pushed things out this year, haven't they?" Zach observed, impressed, as he eyed the room's setup.

"Indeed," Kelvin replied, as everyone drifted off to enjoy the party. "It feels like it's been years since we saw a real PPC party."

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