Subject: "I guess," Henry said dubiously.
Posted on: 2019-10-22 05:28:18 UTC

He supposed he would be sad if he didn't get to see Mom much and it wasn't a choice. That was true. And he knew she worried about bad things happening to him—he just didn't think it was very likely. Everything would have been fine that time he'd borrowed a remote activator and followed Ilraen and those trainees into the Potterverse if only Ilraen hadn't caught him.

"Well, anyway, it's not like Mom is letting Su take me on missions or anything," he added, not wishing to give an entirely false impression. "It's just some weapons practice and stuff like that. I could show you, if I could see your bow," he said hopefully to Stephanie. "I'll just draw it; I won't fire it dry, either."

(( {= D Henry is still young enough not to realize that danger is, y'know, dangerous, specifically to himself. He's been pretty well kept out of serious trouble. Doesn't help that he's a wizard, and they're canonically fairly indestructible. Might be interesting to get him talking to William, though. [Or to get William talking to Derik, whom he met at Henry's party that one time, or Iximaz's Agent Ix, who is a fellow ex-Auror and a werewolf... and best hope Ix doesn't run into Owen, 'cause she's fairly sensitive about it!] ))

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