Subject: Derik grew still, a vague smile frozen on his face.
Posted on: 2019-10-31 18:06:41 UTC

It struck him that Gadrik didn't have family beyond Gall and himself. Gall's father and step-sister still lived as far as they knew, but they were background Vikings in the recently relocated village of Berk, and the agents couldn't exactly pop in for a visit. As for Derik's family, he couldn't be sure they had ever existed outside his memories of them, and he didn't think he wanted to find out in case they hadn't. The thought prompted a surge of loneliness and, always on its heels, his anger at Sue-kind. He immediately took a breath and reached for his enumerations to calm himself.

That, of course, was the exact moment Gadrik started crying. Not only had the game stopped being fun, it had stopped, and like all babies, he was exquisitely sensitive to being held with a lack of assurance. Down seemed like a much better option. So he cried, and squirmed, and kicked, and generally made his displeasure known.

"Oh, hang it all," Derik muttered, "not now. Don't do this." He was talking to himself, not Gadrik, but it was hard to tell. He tried to settle his son and his mood at the same time, and quickly gave it up as a bad job. He wasn't going to put Gaddie on the floor, though, so... He cast a slightly panicked look at Thoth. "Er...?"

(( I'm mean. I also want to make a Space Marine hold a baby. I make no apologies. ^_^ ))

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