Subject: The look on Henry's face was adorable, Stephanie decided.
Posted on: 2019-10-31 20:47:56 UTC

He might be still one of the younger kids as far as she and Owen were concerned, but she was fond of him and tried not to talk down to him. It was a nice feeling to be looked up to, and she didn't want to spoil that by making him feel like a baby.

"You're gonna be just great when you go to HFA," she said. "And when you get your own wand it'll be better than Owen's - it'll be the real thing."

She, too, was startled into silence when a couple of Agents rushed up to them, but nodded politely anyway. Owen, on the other hand, looked rather nervous, and gave the pair of newcomers a tentative smile.

"Um. Hi?" he said weakly. "I like your costumes, too."

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