Subject: Stephanie looked sympathetic enough.
Posted on: 2019-10-31 15:59:22 UTC

"To be fair, it's pretty ambiguous in the book," she said, slinging the bow back over her shoulder to keep her hands free. "They don't really give it much of a description, as far as I remember, so the movie-makers just added their own interpretation. Nice aiming, though."

Owen laughed sheepishly at the sudden attention, and twirled the wand, which emitted a few bright red sparks. "Kind of? It's one of those Hogwarts Fanfic Academy-style ones - it can cast a few basic spells like Disarming and Stunning, but anything serious is beyond it. And Dad already told me if it gets used for anything other than an emergency he's taking it off me." He offered it to Henry to take a look anyway.

Action Agents were remarkably lenient about letting their older kids go around armed - but then again, given all the trouble that could happen even on a quiet stroll through HQ, it wasn't entirely unfounded.

((Bless! Henry's adorable and my two are quite fond of him. XD

On the other hand, I'm not sure how or where to add William into the thread with Derik >.< ))

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