Subject: His enthusiasm had both teenagers smiling.
Posted on: 2019-10-23 20:29:03 UTC

"You'd think, wouldn't you?" Stephanie said lightly. "But no, this is is a replica of the one Katniss carries in the arena in the first book... or movie, I guess. The Capitol's got all sorts of special inventions, and they seem to like giving the tributes metallic-style weapons. Katniss has a few different bows, though, over the course of the series. I guess I just like this one best."

"It looks intimidating enough," Owen said lightly. "More than this, anyway." He produced his wand from an inner pocket for a moment and grinned.

((The bow's actually pretty simple - it looks like this - actually, that whole image is a decent idea of how Steph's costume looks. XD))

((And feel free to send Derik over, I guess? William's not one for parties much, so he's probably not trying to get too involved. Either that or my lad's going to be discreetly keeping an eye on these three kids just to make sure no actual archery occurs, so Henry could notice him/he could step in :P ))

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