Subject: PPC Halloween Party 2019
Posted on: 2019-10-13 00:14:17 UTC

The 2019 PPC Halloween party was ramping up

The Large Enough Events Space had been decorated for the occasion. A flock of magical bats fluttered near the high ceiling. Candles had been hung from chandeliers and placed on tables, giving the room a slight orange tint and creating appropriately spooky shadows. Skeletons of many species, along with pumpkins (which had mostly been carved, often elaborately, by agents who really needed somewhere more constructive to channel their urge to stab something) had been placed around the room. The overall decor stuck mainly to black and orange.

The back of the room held the most important part of such a party: the free food and booze. One section of the buffet, which was already being pounced on by Nursery kids, was devoted to heaping piles of candy, while other parts included stacks that were less likely to give you a sugar rush, appetizers, and all matter of drinks. The items were labeled so that the partygoers would know roughly what would agree with their biology because no one wanted a repeat of that time someone didn’t realize that the cyanide fries contained cyanide and had to be rushed off to Medical.

In front of the food, the room was roughly split into two halves. One half was a large open space for agents to mingle in that eventually gave way to a dance floor. The A/V division had, over the years, scoured the multiverse for things that would sound spooky but also make good dance tracks, and they’d done a pretty reasonable job of it (though, due to the many different musical cultures in HQ, most attendees found some of their choices just plain bizarre). Sound dampening fields allowed the music to be up loud on the dance floor without making it more than a quiet background sound in the rest of the room.

The other half of the room had been fitted with tables and some chairs. The tables varied in size and height from an inch or so high (these were meant for faeries, pixies, and other small agents and were cordoned off to prevent larger agents from squishing everyone) to a very tall and tall table that could accommodate dragons and Marsha the triceratops (which a lot of more typically sized agents were gathering under).

Facilities, sadly, had slightly misestimated how much of each seating type was needed, so most of the human-sized agents would need to share tables.

Off to the side, there was a door that led to a quiet room full of couches and other places to relax for people who needed to duck out of the party for a bit.

As HQ’s denizens filtered in, the noise level began to rise slightly as conversation flooded the room.

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